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Kumpei Wakino took a degree of agriculture and a master degree of landscape and design in Japan. After gaining landscaping experience in Tokyo and Chiba, he finished his apprenticeship and training under Yasuo Kitayama, who is one of the most famous Japanese landscapers in Japan (Kyoto). He also gained a lot of landscaping experience in Italy and South Africa. After that, he worked for 4 years in Vancouver, then started his own business in 2020.


Now, he can produce a garden in spaces at residences, hotels, public areas...

He builds gardens based on traditional landscaping techniques and philosophy of Japan and

expresses Japanese culture to people through his landscaping.

Not only following Japanese traditional style, but also attempting a fusion of cross-culture, new values and modern art.

​東京農業大学、京都造形芸術大学大学院を卒業し、東京・千葉の造園会社で経験後、京都の庭師 北山安夫氏に師事。その後、カナダ・バンクーバーに渡り4年経験を積み2020年に独立、KUNON LANDSCAPE & DESIGNを設立。伝統的な日本の庭を踏襲するだけでなく、異文化、新たな価値観、時代性、芸術性、などを融合させた新たな庭の創造を目指す。

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